Motiva JOY™

JOY® by Motiva® is the first program of its kind for women looking for an elevated breast augmentation experience.

The newest implant to join the Motiva family: Ergonomix2 comes with improved mechanical properties designed for natural movement and refined results.

JOY includes the latest implant technology to offer enhanced safety, smaller incisions, a comprehensive warranty program, and additional support if you decide to remove your implants.

The new experience of breast augmentation

  1. An Even Safer Choice
  2. Real touch feel
  3. Trained plastic surgeons
  4. Improved support programs
  5. Community

Natural Movement, Soft Feel

Soft to the touch and readily adapting to follow your movements, Ergonomix2 is designed to feel even more like a part of you.

Zalety Motiva JOY™

New formula for enhanced ergonomy with improved mechanical properties.
A proprietary multi-layer system unifying the implant’s structure and allowing it to bend and squeeze.
A lightly tinted, blue barrier layer, made with biocompatible dyes to allow for its pre-surgical visual inspection.
A gel with a unique set of rheological properties that provides a better adaptation to movement than other silicone gels tested, resembling the mobility of natural tissue.
A controlled advanced smooth surface that improves biocompatibility.
Qid® is battery-free and passive radiofrequency identification device that safely stores the serial number and related information about your implants.

Freedom of Choice and Peace of Mind

Motiva raises the bar by offering more power of choice to the patient through the new Woman’s Choice Program®.

Motiva’s unique Woman’s Choice Program provides financial support in the event that women who receive Ergonomix2 implants via the JOY program choose to reverse their augmentation, subject to terms and conditions.

Support Programs Included

All Motiva implants are covered by our Always Confident Warranty against rupture for the lifetime of the device, and our Product Replacement Policy.

As an added measure of confidence in the quality of our Ergonomix2 implants, the JOY program also includes our 5 Year Extended Warranty at no additional cost.

To activate these benefits, you must register your implants within the first 90 days after your surgery.

For more information, including benefits and terms and conditions, please visit:

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